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Wi-Fi / Ethernet Software

How do I set the time on my NT-RELAY?

There are two ways you can set the time on your NT-RELAY.  The first option is to set the time through the Command Center software.  Depending on which version of the Command Center you are using the menu will vary slightly.  First, select the tab at the top of the screen labeled tasks.  From the drop-down menu, you will either select set controller clock or set relay clock.  You will get a pop-up that will ask if you want to sync the time.  Click okay to set the time.

The second way to set the time on your NT-RELAY is to go to the IP address of your relay followed by /setup.html.  Select the tab labeled date/time at the top of the screen.  From there you will be able to sync the time with a .ntp server or set the time manually.

What are my options for software and what would work best for me?

This depends on what you are looking to do and what hardware you have. If you are using the StrongMesh/XBus system and would like to keep everything on a LAN, the Command Center would be your preferred solution. If you want to be able to access the Command Center from multiple places you can set up a VPN to the machine running the Command Center. Alternatively, if you do not wish to set up a VPN and still want to be able to access your setup remotely you can sign up for the netx-web service. You may also access your system remotely in the Command Center using the WAN IP addresses of your controllers.

If you are using our Wi-Fi or Ethernet thermostats and want to connect using a LAN you will want the NetX-IP Command Center. You may also set up a VPN for the IP Command Center to access it from multiple places. If you want to connect through the WAN there are multiple options available. You can use the direct connect service by claiming your device and logging into the DirectConnect page on the Network Thermostat website.  There is also the CloudConnect service that will allow you to connect using the Cloud. Finally, you can use the WAN IP addresses in the IP Command Center to access the system remotely.

For more information, feel free to contact a solutions specialist to help you work through the wide array of options.

How do I adjust the length of time the override feature will be active?

Go to the configuration page in the thermostat settings and look for the box in the second row down labeled "Override Timer".  Set the amount of time for an override.  If you check the "Hold Override Until Occupied" box, the override changes will stay in effect until the next occupied schedule occurs.

How do I set schedules?

From the PC software, Cloud Connect, or directly from the IP address of the thermostat in a browser go to the schedules tab.  Check the active box above the schedule number then set the time you would like the schedule to start.  Enter the setpoints you would like the schedule to reflect, the cool temperature will be the maximum temperature that will be reached before the air conditioner will turn on and the heat temperature will be the lowest temperature that will be reached before the heat will turn on.  Select whether the room will be occupied or unoccupied during this time and set the mode and fan to your desired setting.  Click the “apply” button in the lower right corner to save the schedule.  

It is recommended to have the schedules in chronological order.  You may then copy the schedule to any additional days you want to have the same schedule.  To do this you select the day of the week you would like to copy from the tabs at the top of the menu.  Once you are on the correct day click the checkbox(es) for the day(s) you wish to copy down at the bottom of the menu.  Click the “apply” button to save the changes you made.

How do I get my CloudConnect login credentials?

You must first register your thermostat under the configuration tab in either a browser or the Command Center.  The information you used to register your device will be your login for the CloudConnect site.  If you have more than one thermostat it is recommended that you register all of them with the same credentials.

If I have WiFi or Ethernet thermostats on two separate networks can I access both of them from one place?

Yes, there are several ways to access WiFi and Ethernet thermostats on different networks from one place.  This can be done using our CloudConnect service, DirectConnect, a web browser via WAN IP address, or through the IP Command Center using external IP addresses.

Is there an iPhone app for thermostat control?

There is currently no native app set up in the App Store.  However, each Wi-Fi and Ethernet thermostat has a built-in set of web pages with responsive design.  The responsive design will automatically detect that you connected to the thermostat with an iPhone and show the thermostat pages in a manner that looks like a native app; it's called a web app.   Additionally, both the CloudConnect and DirectConnect environments are of responsive design and have built-in web app features including connection for all of your thermostats, even multiple sites, right from a single mobile screen.   You have the option of using the free DirectConnect service and port forwarding your devices or using the CloudConnect service without needing to port forward.   Both methods allow a simple icon to be added to your home screen, giving you a single-tap launch for access to all of your thermostats.

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