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Clarifying Wi-Fi Standards and Widely Held Myths

There are many rumors about where Wi-Fi is headed, what is going to happen with older Wi-Fi devices, and the impact on networks when the newer Wi-Fi versions are deployed. This short paper is to help clear things up as of April 2024. The need for faster and faster wireless communications will continue for years to come.

Expanding Smart Thermostat Integration into Commercial Spaces: A Guide for CEDIA Members

Uncover the potential of smart thermostats in commercial spaces with our CEDIA guide. Explore energy efficiency, NetX solutions, and step-by-step expertise. Join the smart building revolution!

Optimizing HVAC Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of NetX Schedules for Holidays and Special Events

Elevate your HVAC efficiency this holiday season with NetX. Optimize comfort and savings using Weekly, Calendar Event, and Special Event Schedules. Effortlessly tailor settings, update easily online, and save time with 'point and click' deployment for a smarter, more efficient approach to heating and cooling.

Bridging the Gap: The NetX Revolution in Commercial HVAC Controls

Discover NetX: The game-changer in commercial HVAC controls, bridging the affordability gap for energy-efficient, smart solutions. A new era in building management!

How to Gain HVAC Efficiency with IoT Temperature Sensor Technology

Maximize HVAC system efficiency with IoT temperature sensors. Real-time monitoring, energy savings, and enhanced performance. Read on for expert guidance!

IoT Water Leak Sensor Technology for Water Damage Prevention in Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings

Prevent water damage in commercial & multi-family buildings with IoT water leak sensors. Learn their benefits, how they work, and implementation tips.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation in K-12 Schools

Learn how NetX helps K-12 Energy Managers in K-12 Schools: Overcoming Challenges for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Is indoor air quality (IAQ) crucial in the K-12 classroom setting? 

NetX Explains how managing Indoor air quality impacts the health and well-being of students and teachers, as well as their ability to learn and perform at their best.

The NetX Solution For School HVAC System Control 

See how NetX provides a comprehensive solution for managing multiple HVAC systems and control interfaces in Schools with easy installation, improved efficiency, and complete control from a single pane of glass.

IoT Humidity Sensors Improve Occupant Comfort in Indoor Spaces

Achieve optimal humidity levels and enhance occupant comfort with IoT humidity sensors. Learn how they work, their benefits, and their challenges.