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What Makes DECT/ULE Wireless Technology Better

In the ever-evolving landscape of wireless technology, DECT/ULE (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications / Ultra Low Energy) stands out as a powerful and efficient wireless communication standard. Why does DECT/ULE have the edge over other WiFi technologies? Read our blog and get the scoop.

How to Gain HVAC Efficiency with IoT Temperature Sensor Technology

Maximize HVAC system efficiency with IoT temperature sensors. Real-time monitoring, energy savings, and enhanced performance. Read on for expert guidance!

IoT Water Leak Sensor Technology for Water Damage Prevention in Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings

Prevent water damage in commercial & multi-family buildings with IoT water leak sensors. Learn their benefits, how they work, and implementation tips.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation in K-12 Schools

Learn how NetX helps K-12 Energy Managers in K-12 Schools: Overcoming Challenges for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Is indoor air quality (IAQ) crucial in the K-12 classroom setting? 

NetX Explains how managing Indoor air quality impacts the health and well-being of students and teachers, as well as their ability to learn and perform at their best.

The NetX Solution For School HVAC System Control 

See how NetX provides a comprehensive solution for managing multiple HVAC systems and control interfaces in Schools with easy installation, improved efficiency, and complete control from a single pane of glass.

IoT Humidity Sensors Improve Occupant Comfort in Indoor Spaces

Achieve optimal humidity levels and enhance occupant comfort with IoT humidity sensors. Learn how they work, their benefits, and their challenges.

All the Reasons to Install an IoT Thermostat in Your Building

Discover the advantages of an IoT thermostat for commercial buildings: energy savings, remote access, comfort, and safety.

Air Conditioning in Schools: Air Quality and Energy Efficiency Tips

The NetX guide on improving air quality and HVAC energy efficiency in school air conditioning will improve student engagement. 

How to Make Schools More Energy Efficient

Learn how to make schools more energy efficient and how to save money on energy bills with Network Thermostat's actionable steps in this blog.