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Phantom Wire Kit

  • Creates a Phantom 24VAC Common Wire
  • Use When There are One Too Few Conductors in Existing Thermostat Cable
  • Color-Coded Cabling for 5-wire HVAC connection at Equipment

    The NT-PWIRE-2 Phantom Wire device allows the installer to connect any NetX thermostat when a common wire is not available in the existing thermostat cable. In some older installations, thermostat cables don’t have a common (24VAC common) wire because they were not needed for the mechanical thermostats originally installed.

    The NT-PWIRE-2 creates the common wire so the HVAC unit can be used along with any NetX thermostat or just about any other thermostat requiring a 24VAC common. This is a great alternative to pulling new thermostat cables; saving time and money.