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Add-On Temp & Water Probes

The NT-URS is very versatile temperature and humidity sensor that can also be used as an outdoor sensor (with the associated NT-OUTDOOR weatherized probe) for any of the NetX™ thermostat platforms. This powerful sensor, when combined with the X7 series thermostat, can also be used as up to three (3) AUXILIARY temperature sensors, called AUX1, AUX2, and AUX3. When configured for any of these three auxiliary sensors, simply add an NT-PROBE-SS8 (stainless steel probe). The temperature range for the NetX™ auxiliary probes is -40˚F to +200˚F, allowing them to be used for a variety of purposes such as Supply Air, Return Air, Walk-In Freezers, Walk-In Refrigerators, Circulation Pumps, Refrigerated Cases, and more!   Additionally, the NT-URS can be configured to be used as a Water Leak sensor when combined with the NT-WL-H probe and an X7 series thermostat. 

Probe, Surface Mount Remote Temperature Sensor Probe (Requires NT-URS)
Probe, Flush Mount Remote Probe (connects to NT-URS)
Probe, Remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor Probe (connects to NT-URS
Probe, Water Leak Probe (Requires NT-URS & X-Series Thermostat)
Probe, Strap-On Pipe Sensor Probe (Requires NT-URS)
Probe, 8” Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe (Requires NT-URS)