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About Us

How We Started

In 1995, Grapevine, Texas-based Network Thermostat (NetX) began designing and manufacturing cost-effective electronic and software products to meet the needs for on-site and remote-location control for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market. NetX's mission is to deliver user-friendly HVAC solutions with powerful time and energy savings features to our institutional, commercial, and industrial customers. For over a quarter-century, Network Thermostat has been recognized as an industry pioneer and leader in affordable networkable HVAC solutions, winning several awards for products in our industries.

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Original NetX Thermostat

Building On Our Original Mission

NetX X7C

Today's new X-Series Platform helps fulfill our mission with a beautiful, easy-to-read touch screen, Smart[er] Thermostat. Our X-Series Platform provides the performance desired by our small business, K-12 education, hospitality, multi-family, government, retail and restaurant, commercial, and light industrial customers while delivering the Smart[er] Thermostat features that result in energy and time savings.

For our customers with existing Building Automation Systems (BAS), the X-Series Platform incorporates both BACnet, Modbus, and system expansion for control of AHUs, RTUs, FCUs, Fan Coils, Splits, VAV, VRF, VRV, and Mini-Split systems in a single integrated ecosystem that delivers the flexibility needed in the ever-changing world of HVAC control. That flexibility includes CO2 monitoring and control, patent-pending UV-C monitoring and control, humidity control, and sensor technologies for wired remote temperature and humidity, water leak and occupancy detection, door and window contact monitoring, and more. Our decentralized architecture means our customers avoid catastrophic system failures.

Our Software Solutions

Network Thermostat has always focused on making complex tasks very simple to manage. Doing so is our passion, and our multiple software applications allow our customers to use the right platform for their organization's environment. With every deployment starting with a stand-alone embedded web server, our application ecosystem allows our customers to place the management application where they need it, either behind their corporate firewall, in the cloud or both. Our ecosystem is scalable to organizations of any size and any structure.

To fulfill our customers' needs, all our design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and technical support are located in the USA. You can always get a live person to assist you in your application, sales, and tech support questions. Think of us as a partner instead of a vendor. We like it that way.

X-Series Thermostats

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