The NetX X7 platform provides the most powerful and flexible IoT system for controlling HVAC in Commercial, Multi-family, Restaurant/Retail, Institutional, and Educational facilities. Commercial Customers love the detailed data logging the X7 provides. Property Managers appreciate the elegant appearance of the NetX X7 as it complements any garden home or high-rise apartment. When used with our exclusive NetX CloudManager™ software, building managers can control an unlimited number of thermostats while defining multi-level access privileges to tenants and staff. Using our remote sensor package, retail and restaurant owners can keep the controls in the back office while remotely monitoring customer space, supply air, walk-in freezers, flood detectors, and multiple other options. Institutional and Education applications enjoy worry-free, behind the firewall security while not sacrificing energy efficiency. Anywhere multiple thermostats need to be monitored and controlled remotely, reliably, and securely the X7’s powerful ecosystem allows deployment to any size facility and any number of properties.