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Enterprise Class Thermostat Control

New for CloudConnect is our Dashboard Overview. Available to the PLUS and ADVANCED subscription plans, the Dashboard Overview presents a quick snapshot of important thermostat parameters offering the following:

  • Panel View - Provides current snapshots of all your NetX thermostats
  • List View - Provided detailed thermostat information in a searchable, sortable format
  • Search Function - Search for thermostats presented based on specific search criteria
  • Sort Function - Changing the sort order changes the order of thermostats in the Panel View
  • Quick Access Links - Clicking on the button on Panel View takes you directly to the thermostat
  • Color-Coded Staging Presentation - Blue for Cooling, Red for Heating, & Light Grey for Auto
  • Quick Alert Highlighting - Clicking on the thermostat with an Alert notification takes a user directly to the thermostat alerts page.

    Mac Compatible

    Any Apple Mac® using OSX with Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi, and the most recent JAVA application installed.

    Windows Compatible

    Compatible with all Windows 7, 8 & 10
    Previous versions of Windows will not work.
    Monitor resolution - 1024 x 768 or higher
    10MB available hard disk storage

    Windows Logos

    All Windows images and 'Windows' text are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

    CloudConnect™ is a cloud-based enterprise-class thermostat control center for NetX Wi-Fi and Ethernet thermostats.   CloudConnect connects users to an unlimited number of X7 series and X5 Series thermostats with an unlimited number of Multi-Site Locations/Categories.

    • For NetX Wi-FI & Ethernet Thermostats (ALL MODELS)   
    • Remotely access and control all thermostat functions   
    • Current Weather and 7-Day Forecast at each Location   
    • Copy Schedules and Events to other Thermostats   
    • Special and Calendar Event Scheduling   
    • Copy Configurations to other Thermostats   
    • Dashboard View with Alert Monitoring 
    • 90-Day Graphing
    • 90-Day Data Logging