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Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Replaced By NT-URS

    Rated Voltage: 20V to 30VAC, 24VAC nominal

Internal Temp Sensor Range: +28°F to 119°F in 1° steps (-2°C to 48°C in 1° steps)

External Temp Sensor Range:

    • Outdoor: -54 to +119°F (-48 to +48°C)

    • AUX1: -40 to +200°F (-40 to +93°C)

    Measurement Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.5°C) 

    Humidity Measurement Range: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing

    Measurement Accuracy: 10-90%RH (±3%)


    • RS1 - Data, RS+V – Power, RS2 – Return, 1 & 2 – External Temp Sensor Leads

    • Simple 3-Wire Communications Bus (using standard CAT5 cable, 1-pair shielded with drain, 3-conductor thermostat cable)

    • Maximum 300ft Total Sensor Cable Length per Thermostat

    Dimensions: 2.1”H x 2.85”W x 1.0”D

    Sensor Type
    Remote Sensor

    For X7, X5, UP32, US32 Series Thermostats:

    • INDOOR TEMP AVERAGE– up to 6 with automatic averaging Temp with internal sensor or external sensor (NT-FS, NT-RS, NT-RS-S)
    • OUTDOOR – Temperature Only (NT-OUTDOOR sensor required)

    For X7, X5, UP32 Series Thermostats Only:

      Temp with internal sensor or external sensor (NT-FS, NT-RS, NT-RS-S)
    • HUMIDITY ONLY – (Internal Sensor) 5 to 95% Non-Condensing
    • AUX 1 – Temperature Only
      (NT-FS, NT-RS, NT-RS-S sensor required)

    The Network Thermostat NT-ROOM-S remote sensor is a surface mount remote sensor in a small surface mount case, designed to sense air temperature and/or humidity at remote locations when connected to an X7, X5, UP32 series thermostat or air temperature with a US32 thermostat.

    The flexible NT-ROOM-S sensor can be used in several configurations including indoor temperature and humidity, humidity only, outdoor temperature, or as an auxiliary temperature sensor. Up to six(6) NT-ROOM-S sensors can be connected to a single thermostat for indoor temperature averaging.

    Dimensions: 2.1”H x 2.85”W x 1.0”D