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StrongMesh Thermostats

Will changing only the mode cause the thermostat to deviate from the set schedule?

Changing the mode will set the thermostat into override mode and it will continue in the altered mode for the duration of the override timer.  To return to the schedule after changing the mode you can either press the resume button or allow the override timer to end.

Is there a way to force the second stage to come on?

If your equipment is 2-stage, first make sure your DIP switches are set correctly to allow second-stage operation. In order to bring on the second stage faster than the efficient fuzzy-logic algorithm (about 15-20min after the first stage, if needed):

1) set the heating or cooling setpoint at room temperature and let the display return to normal operation.
2) move the heat or cool setpoint up or down three degrees. After normal protection time-outs have been satisfied (2 or 4 minutes depending on your configuration), the thermostat will start the first stage.
3) Once the first stage is running, adjust the setpoint three more degrees in the same direction. The second stage will start.

This method bypasses the thermostatic control algorithm for this single heating/cooling cycle.

How should I wire the X1 and X2 terminals on my XBus controller?

The X1 and X2 terminals should be connected to the corresponding terminals on the thermostat.  It is recommended to balance the number of connections to each of the four terminals on the controller.  If you have an older controller with only three terminals balance the number of wires connecting to the two X1 terminals.

I had a power outage and now I cannot connect to some of my XBus/Strongmesh thermostats in the Command Center software. How do I get them back online?

In the event of a power outage or power surge, the thermostats may reset and go back to address 1. Check the thermostat addresses by holding the mode and fan buttons simultaneously for twelve seconds, this will show the address of the thermostat. Multiple thermostats with the same address will cause the controller not be able to communicate with them. In this case, set the thermostats back to the correct addresses. If you do not find a solution to the issue in this FAQ section, contact support.

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