NetX X7 WIFI and Ethernet

Posted: August 3, 2021

Network Thermostat Launches X7 Thermostat

August 3, 2021 - GRAPEVINE, TX Network Thermostat (NetX), a leading provider of networkable, smart thermostats for HVAC systems, today announced the immediate availability of its new NetX X7 Thermostat. This latest addition to the NetX thermostat lineup represents the company’s commitment to serving ever-changing customer needs and its continued leadership in smart thermostat design and functionality. 

The surface of the X7 thermostat boasts a color touch screen that is 50% larger than other comparable models on the market, making the user interface exceptionally easy to read, with an amazing 22 sq. in. of glass (bigger than nearly all smartphones).  

The X7 gives users control of their HVAC equipment, humidification and dehumidification control, and includes two user configurable relays for multiple functions including fresh air dampers, relay scheduling, and more. NetX’s patent-pending embedded Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Controls for UV-C and other air cleaning products makes connecting and controlling air sanitizing units easier than ever via the thermostat and can extend a UV-C bulb’s life by 450%

With both Wi-Fi and Ethernet models available, the NetX ecosystem can have a limitless number of thermostats on the NetX Cloud or a LAN network behind the firewall. Unlike other smart thermostats, the X7 has its own embedded web server, allowing it to operate as a rugged stand-alone smart thermostat when a network is not available. This allows complete set-up, weekly and event scheduling, alerts, and management from any device with a browser. This makes the X7 operation immune to network outages and allows it to continue to operate based on stored schedules. The X7 thermostat’s onboard data logging system continually logs sub-meter quality data, even during network outages.

An upgrade from NetX’s other thermostats, the X7 can support more than 50 NetX Wireless Sensors using DECT-ULE technology, eliminating the need to run sensor cabling in retrofit installations. These sensors include door or window contacts, temperature and humidity sensors, water leak sensors, and occupancy sensors to help make the whole thermostat network smarter, all with an incredible 150-200ft range and multi-year battery life. The X7 advanced remote sensor bus also supports Modbus connectivity and up to eleven wired remote sensors on a single 3-wire bus.

NetX’s thermostats are the perfect solution for smart building automation in banks, factories, medical facilities, multi-dwelling units (MDU), schools (K-12) and universities, commercial offices and operations, retail sites, restaurants, and places of worship.

The X7 thermostat family is a fully integrated piece of the NetX ecosystem, which encompasses the NetX Cloud suite, a native API, a REST API, and upcoming Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations.

Designed, engineered, and made in the USA.  The X7 thermostats are readily available and shipping now.


John Brower, VP Sales
(866) 563-0711

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