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Luxury Residential


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NetX Thermostat Luxury Residential Integrations

A typical smart home thermostat faces several challenges. With typical residential smart thermostats, loss of internet connectivity completely disables Home Automation HVAC control, posing a significant drawback. Because home automation functionality resides on servers, response times will be slower leading to delays in temperature adjustment and overall system performance.  If the API server is no longer supported by the company, the home automation is rendered inoperable.  Additionally, these residential thermostats only offer a simple alerting system, lacking advanced features for comprehensive monitoring. Fortunately, NetX has a Smart[er] Solution.

NetX X7 Thermostats

Optimized for System Integrators 

  • Mount in Controls Closet or in the Space
  • Remote Temperature and Humidity
  • Color Display to Match Any Decor
  • Proximity Detection and Automatic Brightness 
  • Multiple Screen Configurations; Even ‘Dark’ Mode for Bedrooms and theaters

Seamlessly integrate our vibrant backlit touchscreen LED display with your home decor, thanks to our automatic adjusting brightness and display modes. The intelligent auto-dimming feature effortlessly adapts to varying lighting conditions. NetX thermostats go beyond mere functionality by intuitively responding to your presence through proximity detection, and automatically activating or deactivating display modes as needed. Customize your experience with a wide selection of display colors that suit your style, while also enjoying the versatility of various modes such as Minimal, Dark, and Locked, which enhance both functionality and visual appeal.

Home Automation Integrations

  • Growing List of Home Automation Drivers
  • Reliable Never-Leave-The-LAN Communications
    with the HA Controller
  • Fast Response Time
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Wired Remote Sensors
NetX Partners

NetX has a powerful API that allows Home Automation System Integrations to any HA Controller. NetX has teamed up with manufacturers and premium third-party driver developers to seamlessly integrate the technologies, all from the LOCAL network. See our website for a list of home automation integrations and let us know if there’s one you need. We are always adding more.

NetX Smart Home Callout

Geared for Sensing and Awareness

  • Multiple Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • HVAC Supply Air Sensing
  • Wine Room & Other Non-HVAC Temperatures
  • Water Leaks
  • Occupancy and Door/Window Contacts

In addition to controlling HVAC, NetX empowers integrators and homeowners, allowing them to stay aware of other important sensing activities in the home.   NetX Remote Sensors include both wired sensor options that cover a wide range of monitoring needs. Whether through the Home Automation controls or directly from the thermostat, NetX solutions can monitor AND alert when something is awry with over 20 email/text alerts.

Unleashing Versatility In HVAC Management

NetX’s comprehensive X-Series Wi-Fi and Ethernet thermostats can handle just about any type of HVAC system designed for a luxury residential home, including:

  • Conventional - Gas / Electric
  • Heat Pumps - Air-to-Air, Water 
    Source, Add-On, Dual Fuel
  • Radiant Floor - Stand-Alone and
    Forced-Air Hybrid
  • VRF / Mini-Splits - Nearly All
NetX Ecosystem Graphic

NetX US Map

Network Thermostat Longevity & Experience

We’re not new to the HVAC controls industry, we’re just new to CEDIA. With thirty years (30) of experience providing communications-based thermostats to the commercial marketplace, NetX is now bringing its designs to the Luxury Residential marketplace.

  • USA Based
  • USA Designed
  • USA Manufactured
  • USA Supported