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Property Management

Every NetX™ thermostat solution includes simultaneous accessibility from multiple connections. Why is this so important? Flexibility, and lots of it! Our technology architecture is truly unique in the industry, allowing connection from within your facility or a remote location using a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. Our Wi-Fi™ and StrongMesh™ platforms can utilize our NetX™ Command Center software. Simultaneously, the can be accessed by Building Automation System (BAS) that supports the commercial industry standard BACnet environment. Same with our XBus™ and Ethernet solutions. Unlike others, there is never a requirement to use a 'cloud connection', but we have one if you want it! You're always in control of your environment.

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Property managers are often burdened with the chore of keeping one or more buildings in order and are usually understaffed. Let the Network Thermostat software solutions help you with your workload. Our 'Command Center' software makes it simple for you to manage comfort and optimize utility savings. Simple scheduling, commercial lockouts, setpoint restrictions and global access are the keys to getting your buildings under control. You can even schedule your parking lot lights, signage and many other items with the NetX™ network relays. 

For Property Management applications, our most popular solutions are the NetX™ Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) thermostats (ending with "-WIFI") or NetX™ StrongMesh™ (802.15.4) thermostats (ending with "-SM") self-repeating network if Wi-Fi is 'spotty' or unavailable.

On-Site Management: NetX™ PC software solutions allow you to manage every office space and common area with simple point-and-click ease. Control and monitor every HVAC unit from a single screen, including monitoring of security cameras, access control systems, and commercial sprinkler systems (basically any modern system that has network connectivity). 

Multi-Site Management: Not a problem! NetX™ PC software solutions can handle it without even breathing hard. You can control multiple buildings as easily as one, and from the same screen. Any schedule, vacation event or other operating parameter can be handled globally across buildings (or even cities) or individually, with simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop ease. 

Owner Occupied: Own your property? Let us help you define the right solution for you. See our Commercial Buildings solution for more details.