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NetX Flexibility for the Win

With NetX, You’ve Got Smart(er) Options

Dr. Michael McGriffy wisely observed, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” We couldn’t agree more and that’s why we’ve taken extreme care to design a smart(er) network thermostat that gives our customers the flexibility they need to save time, save money, and save energy.

But wait...don’t most commercial thermostats provide “adequate” flexibility? Maybe. But at NetX, we recognize that there’s a big difference between adequate and excellent. Have you ever heard someone say, “thank goodness we’re spending money on an adequate solution?”

Here’s how a NetX smart(er) thermostat elevates “adequate” to excellent!



Life is full of “what ifs”. So we thought about the “what ifs”.


Typically, most of the commercial thermostats on the market support a 4-event, 7-day schedule and give you the ability to set the mode (heat/cool/auto) and just control the heating and cooling setpoints. Sounds reasonable enough, and this ticks the “adequate” checkbox, but what if you need more options?

Spoiler alert: we know our customers need more options and flexibility and these are the top concerns when it comes to consumer choice. People want to know there is an answer for those “what ifs.”

What want the occupants in your commercial building to be able to have a little temperature flexibility for a few hours, but you know their mind is on other things and they can never remember to cancel the override? That’s not on you or them -- that speaks to the limitations of your current system.

What need to turn on a fan for certain hours on certain days in just two of your dozens of locations? Can you do that from a remote dashboard without deploying someone to the individual locations? Can the thermostat even support that level of customization?

What if...there is an emergency and your locations close unexpectedly but the thermostat still “thinks” the schedule is normal. How will you keep energy costs down during this unusual time?

With NetX standard scheduling, you have the flexibility to control this and any other “what ifs” on a single, user-friendly dashboard - and it doesn’t matter if you have one thermostat down the hall or thousands across the country. Our intelligent ecosystem allows you to manipulate any schedule(s) and quickly copy to additional days of the week to any thermostat you have by using the NetX CloudConnect or NetX IP Command Center.

Flexibility. NetX. That’s a smart(er) thermostat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a few in one location or thousands of thermostats scattered in facilities across the country; our smart(er) solution keeps you in control, providing industry-leading flexibility for all those “what if” scenarios.

"What if" you choose a smart(er) solution now and leave "adequate" to the other guys?

"What if" you contact us to find a smart(er) solution for your needs?

You will get a smart(er), excellent solution!