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Bridging the Gap: The NetX Revolution in Commercial HVAC Controls

The world of commercial HVAC controls has been dominated by high-end Building Automation Systems (BAS). These systems offer energy efficiency and scheduling functionality, but they come with a hefty price tag. Consequently, only large commercial buildings can afford such technology, leaving most commercial enterprises with residential-grade thermostats that are ill-equipped to meet their specific needs. While "smart" thermostats have emerged for residential use, they lack the power to satisfy the needs of commercial customers. What commercial buildings need is a solution that bridges the gap between unaffordable BAS systems and inadequate residential options. Network Thermostat (NetX) is a revolutionary solution that provides superior HVAC control without the BAS price tag. This means energy savings and a fast ROI. In this article, we'll explore the evolution of commercial HVAC controls and how NetX is transforming the landscape.

The High Cost of Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems, or BAS, have been the gold standard for controlling HVAC systems in commercial buildings. These systems are known for their ability to optimize energy use, enhance comfort, and streamline maintenance. However, for most commercial enterprises the cost is prohibitive. The installation and integration of BAS components require significant upfront investments in both hardware and software, making them financially inaccessible for many businesses.

Moreover, the complexity of BAS systems often necessitates specialized training and expertise to operate and maintain, which further adds to the operational costs. Annual maintenance contracts, unscheduled controls technician's “house call” visits, and software upgrades add ongoing costs to BAS's high initial investment. The result is that smaller businesses and commercial enterprises have been left out of the loop, missing the benefits of advanced HVAC controls that can help save energy and reduce operational costs.

The Residential Smart Thermostat Dilemma

The emergence of "smart" thermostats in the residential market seemed like a promising solution. These devices offered homeowners greater control over their HVAC systems, allowing remote monitoring and adjustment through smartphone apps. However, they were designed primarily for residential use and lacked the sophistication required for commercial settings.

Smart thermostats excel at catering to the needs of a single-family dwelling, but falter when faced with the complexities of larger commercial buildings. For instance, residential-grade thermostats struggle to handle multiple zones effectively and lack the ability to integrate with other building systems via protocols like Modbus or BACnet, which are essential for seamless communication with various HVAC equipment and building automation systems.

The Commercial HVAC Control Gap

As a result, commercial establishments find themselves in a frustrating limbo. They need the energy efficiency, remote monitoring, and scheduling functionality of high-end BAS, but the price and complexity of these systems make them an unobtainable choice. On the other hand, the available residential "smart" thermostats lack the essential features and capabilities necessary to effectively manage commercial HVAC systems. 

Commercial HVAC applications often consist of multiple zones, multiple remote sensors (beyond room sensing), and an array of equipment types and ages. An effective control system needs to integrate these components seamlessly, allowing for comprehensive management, energy optimization, and remote access. Residential-grade smart thermostats, with their limited capabilities, simply could not meet these requirements. 

NetX Commercial Grade Smart Thermostats:
Bridging the Gap

Recognizing the need for a solution that catered to the specific commercial enterprise applications, NetX Thermostats emerged as a game-changer in the world of commercial HVAC controls that meet needs by providing an affordable, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution that aligns perfectly with the requirements of commercial businesses.

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Comprehensive Control: 

NetX offers the functionality that commercial businesses need to efficiently operate their HVAC systems. Whether you have single-zone or multi-zone setups, NetX is perfect for large buildings with diverse heating and cooling needs. Multiple remote sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the system, providing precise temperature control and monitoring throughout the entire building.

NetX supports essential industry-standard communication protocols like Modbus and BACnet IP. This provides an easy interface with a wide range of HVAC equipment and existing building automation systems, providing a robust and integrated solution for commercial settings.

Energy Efficiency: 

NetX's energy-saving features are an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their operational costs, offering advanced scheduling with 80 calendar and event schedule events, occupancy-based control, and demand response 4CP functionality to maximize incentives from energy providers. This level of energy optimization positively impacts the bottom line.

Remote Management: 

Remote monitoring and control are key features of NetX. Commercial property managers and owners can access the system from anywhere, making it convenient to adjust settings, troubleshoot issues, and track energy usage without the need for on-site visits. Our CloudManager feature makes sharing limited access with tenants, contractors, and others easy.

Cost-Effective Solution: 

NetX breaks the cost barrier that previously deterred many commercial businesses from adopting advanced HVAC controls. Its affordability makes it accessible to a broad range of enterprises, from small businesses to medium-sized corporations, restaurants, schools, worship facilities, luxury residential and multi-family facilities.

User-Friendly Interface: 

NetX boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and configure. No specialized HVAC training is needed to effectively operate and manage the system.

The Future of Commercial HVAC Controls

The introduction of NetX marks a significant shift in the commercial HVAC control industry, making advanced HVAC technology accessible to a broader range of businesses. This transformation is expected to yield several benefits:

Reduced Energy Consumption: 

As more commercial enterprises adopt advanced HVAC control solutions like NetX, energy consumption will decrease. The ability to fine-tune and optimize HVAC systems leads to lower energy usage and energy demand charges, reduced carbon footprints, and a more sustainable approach to building management.

Cost Savings: 

Smaller and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the cost-effective nature of solutions like NetX. Reduced operational costs and improved energy efficiency can translate into increased profits for these enterprises. Because the initial investment is significantly lower than BAS systems, businesses enjoy those savings sooner with a faster ROI.

Enhanced Comfort: 

Advanced HVAC controls can keep building occupants comfortable without losing energy savings. Consistent temperature control and the ability to adjust settings remotely provide a superior experience for employees and customers.


NetX's scalability allows businesses to grow without worrying about outgrowing their HVAC control system. As companies expand, they can easily adapt and expand their HVAC control infrastructure to meet the changing needs of their buildings.


Historically, commercial HVAC controls were reserved for the elite, while most businesses had to make do with inadequate residential-grade thermostats. NetX has now bridged this gap, providing a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for commercial enterprises. With its interoperability (with Modbus and BACnet), energy efficiency features, remote management capabilities, and user-friendly interface, NetX is redefining how commercial buildings, schools, luxury residential, and multi-family facilities manage their HVAC systems. This transformation is not only financially beneficial but also environmentally responsible, contributing to a more sustainable future for commercial building management. The NetX revolution is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of technology and its ability to make once unattainable solutions accessible to a broader audience.

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