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Portable Air Purifier with UV-C technology

    The UV FAN is an air purification device consisting of a structure in extruded aluminum, coated by epoxy powder, and a front cover with small holes that allow air to enter and exit at both ends.

    A quiet internal fan conveys air from the external room to the inside of the germicidal box to be purified from microbes and chemical contaminants. The germicidal box contains UV-C lamps and is made of mirror polished aluminum walls, to improve the germicidal power of the lamps by reflection. Air is sanitized by lamps and clean air is introduced again into the environment, without contaminants.

    Inside the box there are two TIOX filters; TIOX stands for nano-structured titanium dioxide and it is a powerful photo-catalyst of the reactions degrading organic and inorganic pollutants and the membranes of pathogenic microorganisms.

    The UV-C rays can cause irritation to skin and eyes, and you should avoid being directly irradiated by the lamps. With UV-FAN, air purification can be carried out 24/24h without contraindications, since the UV-C light is completely confined within the device, thus ensuring the complete safety of people.

    UV-FAN also comes with a special porthole to control visually the lamps correct working