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The Future Looks Brighter with UV-C!

Clean and enlightening insights with NetX

Why is NetX talking about light???

No, we’re not selling incandescent light bulbs. Nor do we plan to. But did you know that our commercial thermostats provide management solutions for your UV-C and air sanitation needs? Be it the recent pandemic or annual cold and flu seasons, keeping the air in your buildings clean is important to the health and well-being of everyone inside.

We don’t think about our HVAC units on a day-to-day basis. So we created a system that gets your attention when it needs it.

UV-C air sanitizers are available in stand-alone units and versions that operate inside the HVAC equipment. Both clean using UV-C light and the in-HVAC units can clean both the HVAC interior (think coils) and the air supply using a bulb that passively purifies and provides clean air back to your facility. Like any other bulb, there will be a time when replacement is necessary, which is costly. NetX thermostats can control virtually any type of UV-C air purifier while extending the life of the bulbs, saving you time and money with fewer change-outs and fewer bulb purchases.

When it comes to protection, the NetX recommended UV-C lights substantially reduce molds, viruses, germs, and the COVID-19 virus. We know that health is a priority and you need a system that is efficient, effective and covers all bases.

The installation process has never been easier than with Network Thermostat. Whether the in-HVAC or surface-mounted models are deployed, our solutions are easy to retrofit with patent-pending control and UV-C operation logging to show that your air purification system is active and working.

On top of healthier workplaces and facilities, NetX clients typically cut energy expenditures by 20% or more. With solutions for businesses, residential, places of worship, and even schools our smart(er) solutions can help you better control, saving you money in the process.

Check out our case studies detailing the benefits of NetX in portables and school districts:

One of our Texas school districts avoided a $2.5MM capital expenditure and tens of thousands of dollars in annual software subscription costs by installing NetX. Actual energy savings in the first 24 months exceeded $1MM! See Case Studies.

A Missouri school district with annual energy savings topped 20% and they avoided a $40,000 repair expense, thanks to NetX. Raytown Quality Schools NetX Case Study

With NetX you have the flexibility to control this and any other “what ifs” on a single, user-friendly dashboard - and it doesn’t matter if you have one thermostat down the hall or thousands across the country.

It doesn’t matter if you have a few in one location or thousands of thermostats scattered in facilities across the country; our smart(er) solution keeps you in control, providing industry-leading flexibility and quality for all your HVAC and thermostat scenarios.

NetX. That’s a smart(er) thermostat and a bright(er) idea.

Continue having bright ideas and contact us to find a smart(er) solution for your needs.