The X5-IP is an Ethernet color touchscreen thermostat with an advanced remote sensor bus, designed for new or replacement commercial or residential applications.  The X5 includes humidity sensing and monitoring.  For humidity control, use the X7 version. 

Daily commercial scheduling (4 events per day) and up to 80 Additional Events (40 Special and 40 Calendar Events) and Demand Response Control are included in all X5 thermostats. The unique scheduling structure also supports the powerful features of adjustable temporary override times and temperature ranges, occupied and unoccupied events, keypad lockout, and many more features.

Incorporating 26 years of customer insight and engineering expertise, the NetX X5 platform provides the most powerful and flexible IoT system for HVAC control in commercial and multi-family facilities. The X5’s powerful ecosystem allows deployment to any size facility and any number of properties in an MDU portfolio. Multiple connectivity options allow the X5 to be used stand-alone or as a complement to any existing building automation system. Whether garden style or brownstones with individual tenant HVAC units, or mid-rise and high-rise properties with central plant operations, the NetX X5 platform provides an incredible mixture of elegance, flexibility, power, and simplicity.

The NetX™ software suite (cloud and stand-alone) helps deliver a near-effortless setup of all features in the platform. 

The X5-IP is designed to operate with our CloudConnect™ Online Management software or, for maximum security, behind your firewall using DirectConnect™ or our PCConnect™ Software. Since all HVAC functions are stored in the thermostat, the X5 will continue to operate even during network outages, allowing you to maintain your energy savings. For ultimate control over energy usage, the X5 offers a digital lockout that can permit limited temperature overrides based on your requirements. Our on-board data collection allows for historical review, sub-metering, and run-time reporting.

NEW:  All X5 models include BACnet-IP and Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet. 

Available Models:  X5-IP-W (White trim), and X5-IP-B (Black trim)