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CloudConnect™ is a cloud-based enterprise class thermostat control center for NetX Wi-Fi and Ethernet thermostats.   CloudConnect connects users to an unlimited number of X7, X5, UP32 and RP32 thermostats with an unlimited number of Multi-Site Locations/Categories.


For NetX Wi-FI & Ethernet Thermostats (ALL X7, X5, UP32 & RP32 MODELS)      
Remotely access and control all thermostat functions      
Current Weather and 7-Day Forecast at each Location      
Copy Schedules and Events to other Thermostats      
Special and Calendar Event Scheduling      
Copy Configurations to other X7, X5, UP32 & RP32 Thermostats      
Dashboard View with Alert Monitoring    
90 Day Graphing    
90 Day Data Logging