Net/X™ provides software tools for every thermostat platform we manufacture.  Every application is designed specifically to allow simple and efficient management of the thermostat systems employed in your location.  All of our software has been developed with you in mind.  In fact, over the years, many of our software features have come from customer requests.  We truly listen to our customers.  And while supporting software over the years is a problem for nearly all manufacturers, Net/X™ has delivered backwards compatibility for nearly two decades!  The Net/X Command Center software shipping today is still compatible with the original Net/X™ XBus thermostats that started shipping in 1995.

Wi-Fi & Ethernet Software

Net/X-IP Command Center Software for RP32x & UP32x Thermostats
Net/X Explorer for Mac for Net/X™ Wi-Fi and Ethernet Devices
Net/X Explorer for PC for Net/X™ Wi-Fi and Ethernet Devices

XBus™ & StrongMesh™ Software

NetX-Web Cloud Suite for XBus™ & StrongMesh™ Systems
Net/X Command Center Software for XBus™ & StrongMesh™