The NetX™ Network Controllers act as the gateway and schedulers for the NetX XBus™ (wired) and StrongMesh™ (wireless) network thermostats.  Recently, NetX combined all of the various versions of network controllers into a single device, the NT-IPXB.   The NT-IPXB is a drop-in replacement for the discontinued NT-SSA16/CLK and NT-SSA32/CLK network controllers.  (These older controllers were a workhorse for Network Thermostat for 18 years, and needed to be retired!) The NT-IPXB also contains an integrated Ethernet port, thus eliminating the need for the NT-IP232 Ethernet-to-Serial bridge. 

This commercial grade device includes an integrated 2-line backlit LCD display, providing ease of installation and high reliability in any application.  In addition to an integrated web server for simple set up, the controller includes both NTP time server connectivity and a real-time clock/calendar which allows simple, yet robust scheduling control. The real-time clock/calendar is a significant importance to most of our customers because it allows the NetX systems to run in 'stand-alone' mode, where no other controller, PC or automation system is required for scheduling setpoints and modes of operation.   When used in combination with the NetX-Web service or the NetX Command Center PC Application, simply point and click to create your schedules, then click to download them into the NetX network controller, and you're done!  The thermostat schedules will run automatically at the time(s) designated.  In addition, both the NetX-Web Cloud Suite and the NetX Command Center software allows you to monitor and control as many NetX Network Controllers as needed for your site, no matter how large.

When combined with the award winning WCM-2 StrongMesh™ Wireless Coordinator, system installation is fast and efficient, allowing communications with the GE22-SM and HP32-SM StrongMesh thermostats without the need for pulling any communications cables to the thermostats.

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Available NetX™ Network Controllers & Interfaces

Name Description
NT-485 NT-485 NetX RSBus to Modbus Translator
NT-IPXB NT-IPXB Network Controller for XBus™ & StrongMesh™ Systems
StrongMesh™ Wireless Coordinator WCM-2 StrongMesh™ Wireless Coordinator