Light Progress is the global leader in UVC disinfection with over 30 years of history and a portfolio with several hundred products. Principled in an evidence-based paradigm, using a comprehensive approach and collective knowledge base, we calculate the optimized UVC dosage for your customized application, whether it’s using industry leading plug and play devices or via the Network Thermostat NetX-Cloud based IoT system. We take pride in leading the path forward to build energy efficiency standards, mitigating expenditures for the personnel, products, and facilities to create better overall outcomes.

UV-C Disinfection

Name Description
UV-STYLO-E-NT-LP-1 UV-STYLO-E Stainless Steel AISI 304 Triangular Frame UV-C Lamp
UV-STYLO-F-1 UV-STYLO-F Stainless Steel AISI 304 Triangular Flange Mount UV-C Lamp
UV-STYLO-X-NT-LP-1 UV-STYLO-X Narrow Spaced Optimized UV-C Lamp
UV-FCU UV-C Germicidal Lamp with Power Supply
UV-DUCT-FL Duct Mounted UV-C Lamp with Protective Stainless Steel Grid
UV-FLOW Controlled Unidirectional flow UV-C Lamp
UV-FAN-XS Air Purifier with UV-C technology
UV-FAN-M2-1 UV-FAN-M2 Portable Air Purifier with UV-C technology
UV - RACK Rack Mounted UV-C Lamp for Air Handling Units