You can find the manual for all of our devices under the products page. Go to the desired device and look under the "Docs" tab. Note: If you have an older device that is no longer in production contact support for a copy of the manual.

Check the power supply to ensure the thermostat is getting the proper voltage (about 24 volts). The red wire from the backplate and the red wire from the thermostat cable must both be in the R terminal. The black wire from the backplate and the common (color varies) wire from the thermostat cable must both be in the 24V(c) terminal.

This depends on what you are looking to do and what hardware you have. If you are using the StrongMesh/XBus system and would like to keep everything on a LAN, the Command Center would be your preferred solution. If you want to be able to access the Command Center from multiple places you can set up a VPN to the machine running the Command Center. Alternatively if you do not wish to setup a VPN and still want to be able to access your setup remotely you can sign up for the netx-web service. You may also access your system remotely in the Command Center using the WAN IP addresses of your controllers.

If you are using our Wi-Fi or Ethernet thermostats and want to connect using a LAN you will want the NetX-IP Command Center. You may also setup a VPN for the IP Command Center to access it from multiple places. If you want to connect through the WAN there are multiple options available. You can use the direct connect service by claiming your device and logging into the DirectConnect page on the Network Thermostat website.  There is also the CloudConnect service that will allow you to connect using the Cloud. Finally you can use the WAN IP addresses in the IP Command Center to access the system remotely.

For more information, feel free to contact a solutions specialist to help you work through the wide array of options.

We support all browsers supporting html5, however, as browser updates are released very quickly, if you experience usage issues with one browser, please try a different browser.

Yes! There are several methods. You can integrate our software into your automation system via our API.

Adaptive Recovery ensures the area to be conditioned is at the setpoint at the beginning of a schedule.

Smart Schedule Recovery is a staggered HVAC start to prevent energy spikes at the beginning of a schedule or when recovering from a power loss. This is a great money saving feature for commercial applications using NetX thermostats, since peak demand loads can be very expensive.

Yes, as long as you are using a supported OS.

All of our thermostats are powered by 24VAC and they all require a common wire. If you do not have a common wire you can purchase the NT-PWIRE and it will give you a common wire. Alternatively you can purchase a 24VAC power supply and plug it into an outlet.

Yes, the NT-TEMP is required for remote sensing. NetX thermostats use an advanced remote sensor bus which has active electronics, not just a passive temperature sensor.

Press and release the up and down arrows simultaneously.

Yes, the NT-BAS device will allow integration with any BACnet system. As your company grows and adds further automation the NT-BAS will seamlessly integrate with additional systems.

We do not currently support IPv6. If the demand for IPv6 increases we will implement it in our products, however at the moment it is not necessary.