I am getting very low temperature readings from my thermostat but it is incorrect. What could be the cause?

This could be for either of two reasons. If the thermostat is being used in Fahrenheit scale, the Up and Down buttons may have accidentally been pressed at the same time, which changes the display to Celsius mode. To correct this, press and release the Up and Down buttons simultaneously again. Another reason could be that the temperature sensor has been bent. Pull off the faceplate and check the thermistor to see if it is damaged or bent over. The thermistor is a little device sticking up in the bottom right of the circuit board, it will be either blue or black.

How are your thermostats powered?

All of our thermostats are powered by 24VAC and they all require a common wire. If you do not have a common wire you can purchase the NT-PWIRE and it will give you a common wire. Alternatively you can purchase a 24VAC power supply and plug it into an outlet.

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