Network Controller (for systems with 16 or less NetX Thermostats)

The NT-SSA16/CLK has all the power and flexibility needed for many projects.  This controller is great for systems that have 16 or fewer NetX thermostats.  The unit has a complete real-time clock and calendar, allowing the NetX network to become self-sustaining.   Using the NetX Command Center Software, an entire set of schedules can be created within a point-n-click Windows environment and then downloaded into the controller.  Once this is done, the PC (or Modem or LAN or Internet) can be disconnected and the controller will run the schedules you entered.  The device can handle a power outage of 7 days without you having to worry about resetting the clock.  There is room for hundreds of different schedules, allowing complete flexibility for your needs!  The NT-SSA16/CLK makes medium-sized HVAC control jobs easier than they've ever been before!