The NT-IP232 is a complete Local Area Network adapter designed to work with any of the NetX system controllers. It is a direct drop-in replacement for the obsolete NT-LAN232. The NT-IP232 includes all of the necessary intelligence to enable Plug-n-Play capability between any 10BaseT LAN and any NetX Thermostat network. The NT-IP232 allows simple integration with any NetX Network and a personal computer. One RS-232C and one 10BaseT port are included with the adapter for the complete versatility of environments. The unit ships complete with a power supply, a 10BaseT LAN Ethernet cable, and a 9-9 pin serial cable. With the built-in web server and IP address display, installation and set-up take only minutes to complete. Any NetX network can be accessed over any LAN and over the Internet, using the device.