The NT-BAC/IP connects directly to your existing NT-IPXB, NT-SSA32/CLK or NT-SSA16/CLK Network Controller and converts the information to BACnet/IP. This allows the user to control and monitor the XBUS network from any Building Automation System capable of communicating over BACnet/IP. The NT-BAC/IP includes standard RS-232 port, RJ45 jack for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, and 9V DC power supply.  The NT-BAC/IP includes standard objects (a.k.a. points or data points) such as Analog Inputs, Binary Inputs, Analog Outputs, Binary Outputs, Analog Variables, and Binary Variables. This flexible device can be installed on site with the BACnet system, or the BACnet system can be located in a different location (or city) and still reliably communicate with the NT-BACP/IP from anywhere with Internet access. 

When used in conjunction with the NT-IPXB, the NT-BAC/IP provides the industry’s only failsafe for HVAC control.  If the NT-IPXB does not receive a BACnet communication signal within an adjustable time out period, the NT-IPXB run you failsafe schedules until BACnet communication is re-established.