UV-FAN-XS is an air purifier with UV-C technology, consisting of a supporting structure and a cover. UV-FAN-XS is available either in steel coated with epoxy powder lacquer or in AISI 304 stainless steel (-NX version).

A silent ventilator conveys the air present in the room forcing it to enter and pass through its germicidal chamber. In this way, air is decontaminated by microbes and viruses as well as by chemical contaminants possibly present.

The germicidal chamber houses the UV-C lamp and is built with a special ultra-pure mirror bright aluminum which, due to its strong UV-C reflectivity, amplifying the disinfecting power of the lamp. The air, passing through the chamber, is purified by all microorganisms and its introduced be back into the environment, free of contaminants.

Beside the UV-C lamp, the germicidal chamber houses 2 TIOX® filters upstream and downstream the air flow. Our original TIOX® filter is a honeycomb structure coated with nano-particles titanium dioxide, which work as an excellent photo-catalyst that degrades organic and inorganic pollutants (VOC volatile organic compounds and NOx, nitrogen oxides) produced by human activity, as it is activated by the high UVC power emitted by the lamp. In addition Two special optical labyrinths (at the air inlet and outlet) contain entirely the UV-C rays inside of the air purifier, with a special layout that ensure ventilator’s performances. In this way UV-FAN-XS can be used 24/7 without any limit, since the UV-C light is completely confined inside the device, thus ensuring total safety for the people present.

UV-FAN-XS is also equipped with our logo on the front cover, the transparent wave let a visual check of the correct functioning of the lamps inside, being totally safe as it is not transparent to UV-C wavelength.